VOICES is looking for BASSES

If you are an experienced bass singer we would like to hear from you.

For information on how to apply, please see below.

General auditions

We generally hold nationwide auditions every three years with the next round being in Nov/Dec 2019.

If however you are a newcomer to the New Zealand choral scene, you can always contact us with a request for an audition.

For information on how to apply, please see below.

Why sing with VOICES?

If you share our love for great choral singing and are passionate about working professionally with a group of like-minded singers on exciting repertoire, exploring the next level of choral singing and reaching the heights of choral excellence, VOICES is for you.

VOICES offers:

-       Repertoire you would usually not come across
-       Performance opportunities at large arts festivals
-       National and international touring
-       Recording session for new CD’s
-       Payment for rehearsals and performances
-       Soloist fees
-       Working with some of the finest choristers around
-       Management by a professional organisation (Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand Trust)
-       And more…

For 2017 we are working on an exciting event programme including concerts with Auckland Arts Festival, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, a world premiere of a New Zealand commission at Auckland War Memorial Museum as well as national touring opportunities. For 2018 we are planning to take the commissioned work onto an international tour.

If you like the sound of that we would love to hear from you.

About VOICES New Zealand Chamber Choir

What’s the commitment from you?

We are looking for a 16-24 voice chamber choir and a pool of VOICES singers to be part of the team for project specific work or larger orchestral projects. As a guide, singers are usually aged 25 or older.

By joining Voices you need to commit to being generally available for all the engagements a year in advance and to further develop your singing alongside the VOICES program.

International auditionees are welcome; please note that reimbursements are based on domestic costs and expenses.

Our commitment to you?

Voices New Zealand Chamber Choir is run as a professional choir by professionals. NZ travel and accommodation expenses are covered by the organisation and singers receive a fee per rehearsal and concert and per diems when working away from home. The Artistic Director of VOICES is Karen Grylls who will share her wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for choral music with all choir members. We are also committed to helping you to become a better ensemble singer.

Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand receives support from other organisations such as our Major Funder, Creative New Zealand and NZCT. We also apply for grants and donations on a regular basis.

How to apply for an audition?

Send an email to: and include / attach a link to an audio sample of some of your singing or record something unaccompanied and in English that shows your voice to its best advantage. Please also include information about:

  1. Your recent singing teachers
  2. Your choral and solo experience
  3. And, also please attach a photo of yourself

When we have received your completed application we will send you an email advising you of your exact audition time and venue address.

The Audition

We are much look forward to meeting you and hear you sing. An audition will take no longer than 15 minutes and is led by the Artistic Director.

There are three parts to the audition:

  1. Perform an unaccompanied set piece (choice of 4 send in advance to you)
  2. Undertake some vocal exercises
  3. Sight-read a piece with accompaniment