There are many ways you can help VOICES to succeed and enable our organisation to deliver a programme of excellence for VOICES New Zealand.

We have come up with a few engaging options to direct donations towards people's interest:

  • library and book lovers may like to support the purchase of a new set of sheet music
  • archivists may want to help us to properly record our concerts
  • if you are interested in legacy and a bit of adventure you can help to commission the world premiere of a new New Zealand Choral piece….

There are many different options for you to choose from, something to fit any size pocket.

Donations of any level are welcome and because we are a registered charity, donations are tax deductible.

With our new initiative SPONSOR A SINGER, every year you can put your or your family’s name under a singer for the year ($200) or secure this sponsor spot for all three years of the choir cycle ($600).

Your support will go straight towards our singers’ travel, accommodation, tuition, sheet music and breakfast costs. This will help them to deliver the excellence and beauty of ensemble singing to New Zealanders.

Have a look at our new Voices singers and check out all donation options.

Donations are tax deductible (over $5).

VOICES is managed by Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand Trust, a registered charity CC21921. Read more about Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand (CANZ).

You can also donate straight into our bank account, through internet banking or across the counter. Please use your name and type of donation in the reference fields.

Account Number: 06-0501-0042241-000
Account Name: Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand Trust