We are very grateful for the generous support of these individuals, who are helping us to achieve
our creative, social and educational goals with their financial donations.


Adam Foundation
Gillian & Roderick Deane
Professor Peter Godfrey
Trevor & Carol Kempton
Peter & Carolyn Diessl
Catherine Carter


Verna and Denis Adam
Gillian & Roderick Deane
Catherine Carter

Armishaw Family
Anita Banbury
S Park & R Bernay
Andrea Gray
Noel Carroll 

Library Sponsor
Christine Argyle 
Lachlan Craig
Diana Cable 
Glennis Pettigrew 

Traveller Deluxe
Arne Herrmann & Lisa Darlington
D and A Miller 
Anita Mills

The Traveller
Ella Haigh
D and A Miller
Suraksha Setty   

Legacy Lovers
David Hamilton
Toni Wilson  
Delwyn and Leo Drummond

Singer Sponsors
Jacqui Simpson
John Dobie
Ron & Lynn Holbrook 
David Lovell
Fay Pankhurst
Lindsay Curnow & Juliet Leigh

General Donations
Hilary Fenemor
Barbara Clark
Ann Wylie
Andrea Cochrane
Elizabeth Probert
Felicity Bunny
Jane McKinlay
Warren Kilham