Taonga Moana

15 - 19 Jul 2020

A love letter to the oceans


15 Jul 2020

4:00pm, Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall


19 Jul 2020

Voices New Zealand perform a stunning musical and visual reminder about the beauty and importance of our oceans, essential to survival on our planet. This inspiring concert celebrates our oceans as taonga with uplifting and moving music from around the globe.

A newly commissioned work by New Zealand’s Warren Maxwell (composer of the glorious soundtrack to the Waka Odyssey in the 2018 NZ Festival) captures his personal experiences of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica when spending time on the ice. Traversing the northern ocean currents, Finnish composer Jaakko Mäntyjärvi creates a new work about the Arctic Ocean.

“Impressions of fellow listeners ranged from full blown despair to total joy and delight at the sustained intensity and quality of sound. The young couple seated beside me, though, remained bright-eyed, fearless, confidently moving forward into life while knowing what damage to the oceans needs repairing. That’s the gift of this extraordinary musical piece of work, this love letter to the oceans.” – The Hook NZ, Napier 2019

A landscape of projected moving images accompanies the music. Created by multimedia artists Tim and Mic Gruchy whose visual designs have featured in works by the likes of Opera Australia, Sydney Theatre Company, New Zealand Festival and Australian Dance Theatre, this is a spectacular audio visual celebration.