The Radical – with the APO

29 Mar 2020

Featuring an ensemble of singers from the three national choirs singing Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.


29 Mar 2020

5:00pm, Auckland town Hall

Beethoven Symphony No.8

Beethoven Symphony No.9

Beethoven’s whimsical, amiable Eighth Symphony is the work of a great artist who also happens to be a fellow human, laughing and joking like the rest of us.

Our shared symphonic journey ends with a mighty hymn to our universal humanity, the heaven-storming Ninth. The orchestra alone wasn’t enough for Beethoven’s ecstatic vision: voices were necessary. ‘All men shall become brothers,’ they sing. ‘I embrace you, O you millions – this kiss is for all the world!’ With this music, with its vast, elemental force, Beethoven speaks to us across the centuries and into infinity.

This event is part of a four concert series where we will be playing all nine of Beethoven’s symphonies.

Featuring ensemble of singers from the three national choirs:
Voices New Zealand Chamber Choir
New Zealand Youth Choir
New Zealand Secondary Students’ Choir